Sunday, August 24, 2008


It's always fun when a couple lets us do funky stuff to their cake, so as you can imagine... we had some fun this week!

This cake was delivered to Villa Siena on Saturday and even though we create wedding cakes for 80% of the weddings that take place there, we got some funky looks while setting this one up. :)

The bride loved it and the caterers were freaked at the prospect of having to disassemble and cut it... to me that makes for a pretty sweet delivery!


MeganSloan said...

OMG! I've always wanted to do a cake like that! I worked at a bakery for years and thought that would be the coolest thing. But I never did it. It is so cool to see it done!

PieceOfCake said...

Thanks Megan! We have wanted to do one for a long time but it's tough to find the bride that is willing to let you stand her wedding cake on it's head. So far we've found 2. :)