Sunday, December 7, 2008

This was just too awesome not to blog

It's been way too long. We've been ridiculously busy at the shop but that is no excuse for 3+ months of blog neglect. I had some plans for my next entry but after today, that is going to have to wait until I tell this story (albeit an incomplete one).

We deliver the majority of our wedding cakes, but we usually have at least one each week that gets picked up for one reason or another. Today we had one pick up... we'll call that couple Mike & Angie (because those are actually their names). :)

Mike & Angie were having an initmate wedding with about 50 guests and had selected a 2 tier stacked cake, the bottom was square and the top was hexagon and each had a different design.

So Mike shows up this morning all alone, telling me how nervous Angie is about the fact that he is delivering their wedding cake. I go to the back and produce the 14"X14"X14" box that holds their cake inside and I open it so that he can check it out. He gives the thumbs up and says she is going to love it... but then he asks the question "Can I have an extra box?". Initially,I think that the box is so that they can save any leftover cake, but in the next minute Mike unveils his hilarious and evil plan to me.

Here's the plan:

  • Get an extra box (a big one, just like the cake was in)
  • Buy 2 grocery store cakes and place them on top of each other inside the extra box
  • Leave the real cake in his car and carry the "fake" cake into the reception site
  • Fall down
  • Open the box to reveal a ruined "wedding cake" to his soon to be bride
  • Watch her get mad/sad/irate/etc
  • Reveal the prank and get the real cake out of his car
  • Beg for forgivness
  • Find a ride home
As of right now, I don't know how the prank went over or if they even got married, but we at POC have mad respect for our boy Mike for even attempting this stunt. I hope it all worked out man!

If she did marry you... your first anniversary cake is on us!


Mrs. Designher said...

Oh gosh... now you know what I think ... I think this is something YOU would do to your wifey!!!!!!!! hahaha Poor Amy!!

PieceOfCake said...

You aren't far off Kim... I actually did something similar a few years ago in our shop while Amy was working on another cake. Styrofoam cake dummies look pretty real in your peripheral vision. :) Mike get extra points for using actual cake and a big bonus for wedding day hijinks.

Anonymous said...

My brother's tall wedding cake was delivered and set up in the house to stay cool and clean. My brother and uncle got the bright idea to carry it on a large sheet of wood out the front door and down the hilly side of the house to the back yard.

I was the photographer and I was torn between wishing them well and wanting an awesome photo of one them going head first into the cake.

Well, they made it and everyone loved it. I think I would kill my husband if he had done that to me! Luckily, we're a good match. We both agreed not to do the cake face smashing thing and we meant what we said. :)