Wednesday, January 5, 2011

There are some things in this world that never get old...

Chocolate & peanut butter, a great steak (or an eggplant steak for our vegetarian friends), people telling you how thin you look, and hearing how much people love the work that you do.

Speaking of the latter, we have recently been notified that Piece of Cake has won a 2011 The Knot Best Of Weddings award!

We get amazing reviews online from brides every month, we get awards for being awesome every year, and we get thank you cards from couples every week and I can honestly say, it never gets old. In fact, we love, LOVE it.

What we do at Piece of Cake is a kind of a big deal, no, seriously. Hopefully, if you are about to buy a wedding cake, it will be the only one you ever buy. You'll have lots of cars, and likely homes in your life, but probably just the one wedding cake. When you celebrate your 30th wedding anniversary, you will remember little details of that cake. You won't remember how charming I was (and I was charming, believe that), and you may not even remember our company name, but you will remember some of the details of your wedding cake and you will absolutely remember if it was awesome or if it was a janky pile of suck. You may not remember the flavors, but you'll remember if you loved it or if you couldn't spit it out fast enough.

This is why we take what we do so seriously. The couples that choose Piece of Cake aren't just trusting us to make cake for them, they are trusting us to make a lifelong memory, and not just any lifelong memory, they are trusting us to make a great one.

Winning awards like this that are based on brides providing feedback about us, doesn't just mean that we make great cakes (we do though, ask my mom) it means that we created something that our couples loved and something they will remember fondly, forever. I've gotta tell you, from where I sit, that seems like a pretty great thing to do with our lives.

So, thank you so much to all of the couples that we have been lucky enough to work with in the past few years, we are proud to have created a great cake, and more importantly, a great memory for you.

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