Monday, November 15, 2010

I hate to see this happen to a couple on their wedding day.

We see this way too much. :( We get monthly calls for emergency wedding cakes because someone suddenly realized they couldn't handle the pressure of doing wedding cakes or delivered a bad product. Aside from a loophole in Tempe, Maricopa county doesn't allow home bakeries, yet 40+ new ones pop up every year... most are usually gone by the next year often leaving a bunch of upset brides in their wake. With the popularity of cake shows on TV, more and more people are deciding to take a stab at doing cakes professionally and more and more brides are having their big day ruined by a mess sitting on the cake table.

Note: The video is a bit slow to load

There are plenty of great cake companies in AZ, make sure you do your research on sites like and talk to your facility and other vendors about their recommendations before making such an important decision.

Best of luck!

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