Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Charm City Cakes invaded by droids...

For a while now, our friends over at Charm City Cakes have been referring couples to us that contact them requesting cakes in AZ (it's a bit outside of their delivery range). It took us long enough but we decided that it was time to throw a little love their way.
Typically, as a cake shop, if we want to say "thanks"... we send a cake (duh)... but what does cake shop send to thank another cake shop?

A trash can, obviously :)

If you have been into our shop, you have definitely noticed the coolest trash can in the world sitting next to our water cooler and since the Charm City staff are a bunch of Star Wars freaks, we knew getting them one of their own was the perfect gift:

As you might expect, they love it (seriously, who wouldn't)! Duff told me that they have a pile of lightsabers in the bakery and that R2 found a home next to them. (yeah, it probably looks cooler than ours just sitting next to a water cooler, but you have to admit... that's a pretty sweet water cooler... I'm just sayin').

I should mention, they just started shooting season 5 of Ace of Cakes, If you don't already watch it, you should. Seriously. It's a lot of fun and they are really a great group. .. and at the very least, if you watch it you may see a sweet trash can.


NumberSix said...

I just stumbled on this blog, but had to comment that this is pretty cool!
Also, since that is one sweet watercooler, perhaps if you were able to move it to hide the power cord, and put a cord between R2 and the cooler, it could look like he was hunting for any bun wearing prisoners in the databanks...

PieceOfCake said...

Thanks for stopping by! That's an awesome idea, we are totally going to make that happen!!